6.9.20: Additional Yellow Phase Guidance for Faculty and Staff

A message for faculty and staff from the Task Force to Safely Open the Lehigh Campus.

To Faculty and Staff:

We appreciate the feedback we have received since our email last week regarding the move to the Yellow I phase at Lehigh. We wanted to provide clarification based on your questions. Please keep in mind that this guidance is in reference to the Yellow I phase. Additional information about future phases, including plans for the fall semester, will be forthcoming in future communications.

  1. Access Process
    In order to be granted ongoing access to campus during the Yellow Phase I, faculty and staff must take the following steps:

    1. Submit your request to your department chair or supervisor, outlining the purpose of the return, and how it meets the criteria that your work can only be completed on campus and is mission and/or time-critical. You are also required to submit a safety plan for your laboratory, studio, or workspace using the template found in this google drive.

    2. If your request is approved by the chair or supervisor, it will be forwarded to the appropriate dean's or department head’s office. Once your request has been approved by the dean or department head, the following departments will need to be notified:

      1. IDEAL provides access to the relevant building.

      2. The safety plan and re-opening checklist should be submitted to Environmental Health and Safety (EHS).

      3. Human Resources (HR) must be notified in order to distribute the training documents.

  2. COVID-19 Safety Training
    An online COVID-19 safety training program will be available shortly. Until then, HR will provide digital documents directly to faculty and staff approved for the return to campus. The documents will include a digital signature. No physical paper copy of the document is necessary.

  3. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    You can contact the University Purchasing office to acquire specialized PPE if required for research work. There are also single-use masks available if needed for personal use.

  4. Parking
    In Yellow I, employees with a Lehigh permit can park in any Lehigh lot regardless of zone designation.

  5. One Time Access
    If you only need one-time access to campus to retrieve materials, you may contact Kim Nimmo in Risk Management to schedule a time to get into your building. Note that when on campus you are required to follow all social-distancing practices, including wearing a cloth face covering, as recommended by the CDC and PA Department of Health.

Thank you for your patience as we work through a complex process to safely reopen campus.

Chris Halladay

Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Brent Stringfellow AIA

Associate Vice President for Facilities

University Architect