6.28.21: Removal of Mask and Social Distancing Requirement on Campus

A message sent to members of the Lehigh community.

***Please note: This message is part of an archive where a record of messages are posted in their original form at the time they were sent. As policies can change, check the current campus status page for the most updated health and safety protocols. Past messages will not be edited to reflect the most current policies.***

Dear Members of the Lehigh Community and Lehigh Families,

In light of recently updated guidance from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, as well as guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and OSHA’s workplace guidance, the university has adjusted its policy regarding masks and social distancing:

  • Effective immediately and continuing unless conditions change, vaccinated individuals will NOT be required to wear a mask or socially distance indoors or outdoors on Lehigh campuses, with a few exceptions.

  • For example, some on-campus locations, such as the Health and Wellness Center (HWC), will continue to require masks of all who enter (a recommended best practice for health settings). Masks also may be required where people who are at high risk for complications due to COVID are located.

  • Updated July 1: Masks are required on all Lehigh buses regardless of vaccination status.

  • These exceptions, which may be location- or event-specific, will be clearly communicated by signage and verbally. Event hosts and organizers have the discretion to require masks to be worn at events, especially indoors and including situations where individuals outside of Lehigh are in attendance.

  • All members of the campus community and visitors should have a mask on hand at all times and must abide by the mask requirements of a particular location or facility if applicable, regardless of their vaccination status.

  • Refer to the updates for frequently asked questions, which will be updated throughout the summer, and the campus status page.

Individuals who are not yet fully vaccinated are strongly encouraged to continue wearing a mask and to practice social distancing, especially indoors and at larger gatherings and events. There also may be circumstances where students, faculty, staff or visitors may be required to show evidence (via the Hawkwatch app) that you have assessed your symptoms and been cleared for access. Event organizers may make this a requirement on a case-by-case basis.

As COVID restrictions continue to ease on our campus and in the wider community, we continue to encourage all members of our community to get vaccinated as soon as possible. A high level of vaccination is the best way to ensure a more typical in-person campus experience for all, particularly with the increased spread of highly contagious variants that can cause more serious disease.

Thank you for your continued attention to the health and safety of our community.

-COVID Response Team