5.21.21: A Message for Colleagues from President Simon

A message to faculty and staff from President Simon. 

Dear Colleagues,

We have reached the close of an academic year that none of us will forget, one marked by countless obstacles, challenges and uncertainties. However, we have also seen a great number of successes, which would not have been possible without you. 

Some of you have experienced over the past 14 months both personal and professional stress as well as personal loss. You have adjusted and adapted—in some cases multiple times—to changing conditions that made teaching, research and service in all capacities incredibly difficult. You have gone above and beyond to provide the best possible Lehigh experience for our students during a challenging time with creativity, care and diligence. You never faltered, and for that, I am deeply grateful. 

This year, our students achieved great things, some overcoming significant personal or academic struggles to do so. Our community remained strong and connected. We will soon see the pride and joy of our graduates as they celebrate their accomplishments, many returning to campus having waited an entire year to do so. Their desire to return speaks volumes about this university and its people.

With widespread vaccination and declining rates of infection, the months ahead should bring to Lehigh an increasing sense of normalcy, and with it a collective enthusiasm for beloved and meaningful experiences. We have reached this point thanks to the hard work, understanding and kindness of the entire Lehigh community, and you in particular. Thank you.

We have much to celebrate and look forward to as a community.


John D. Simon ’19P