3.27.20: A Message to Our Students Re: Health and Wellness Resources

Whether you are here on campus or back home with your families, we would encourage you to access the health and wellness resources that continue to be available here at Lehigh.

Dear Lehigh Students and Families, 

Just over two weeks have passed since President Simon announced Lehigh was moving to a remote learning environment for the remainder of the semester. As we continue to move forward through this unprecedented chapter in our university’s history, we wanted to check in with you to share a message of acknowledgment, encouragement and support.  

First, we continue to be so impressed with how you have risen to the challenge that has been placed before you. Never before has our university faced something like this, and we simply could not be prouder of the way you have responded. Your willingness to be open to these challenges in so many areas and to be flexible in developing new approaches to tackle the various tasks at hand has been nothing short of inspirational. We are grateful for the many ways you have found to creatively support and connect with each other during a time when connection, even virtually, is as important as ever before. 

We are fully understanding of the fact that this is not the semester that any of you had planned on. We also acknowledge that you may be experiencing a wide range of emotions and reactions given all of the recent changes impacting what was our typical routine—for ourselves, our families and our friends.  Whether you are continuing to deal with everyday stressors or coping to manage new experiences, feelings and reactions over the lingering uncertainties that the impact of COVID-19 has had on all of us, be assured you are not alone and we are all in this together as we find new opportunities to successfully navigate through this period.   

Whether you are here on campus or back home with your families, we would encourage you to access the health and wellness resources that continue to be available here at Lehigh. 

For those who remain on campus or in Bethlehem, we remind you that if you are feeling ill you can contact our Health & Wellness Center at 610-758-3870. Our staff is ready to assist you and help you craft a plan of care.

For all students, if you find yourself feeling especially lonely, overwhelmed, or thinking you could benefit from talking to someone in order to get ideas on how to better deal with your current circumstances and emotional experiences, we invite you to contact our Office of Counseling and Psychological Services at 610-758-3880 or 610-758-5183. The center is open and counselors are available 24/7 to talk and provide support and assistance. Also, we want to welcome you to call the center or email at incso@lehigh.edu and ask for a Zoom link to join one of the newly created group interaction and discussion sessions available. These include groups for graduate students, for undergrads, and groups designed specifically for exploring effective management of stress. 

We are thinking of you and wishing you the best as we get through this, and we want to thank you for your collective efforts, no matter where you may currently be, to make this challenging time easier for all of your fellow students.

More than ever before, you make us proud to be Mountain Hawks. 


Ricardo Hall

Vice President for Student Affairs

David Rubenstein

Executive Director, Health and Wellness Center

Ian Birky

Director, Counseling Services (UCPS)