3.23.21: A Message for Wellness Week

A message sent to undergraduate and graduate students. 

Dear Lehigh Students, 

We have all been working hard to negotiate our way through this strange new world and have likely experienced a similar range of emotions over the past year—from fear, loneliness, frustration, anxiety, disappointment, and exhaustion to reflection, hope, relief, appreciation, and gratitude.

During Wellness Week, we have the opportunity to reflect on our experiences and to acknowledge and address how the challenges of the past year may have taken a toll on some aspects of our well-being.

Tuning into our present experiences with curiosity and compassion can help us to identify, acknowledge and accept our thoughts and feelings, increasing our capacity to connect with others. We recognize our typical ways of connecting and coping may not look and feel the same as they have in the past, which we know is challenging. Whether we gather with our classmates, roommates, friends, and family, let’s continue to connect and support one another in our efforts to unite our community in strength and compassion. 

When it comes to supporting yourself and others during this time, support may take many forms, and often there is no one-size-fits-all approach. What may have worked before may no longer work. With this in mind, there are many members of our Lehigh community, counselors included, who are willing to listen and offer support. We encourage you to continue to place importance on nourishing your whole self and overall wellness, physically and mentally, and seeking care from your community, including peers who are eager to help.

We hope some of the resources provided in this email aid you in recharging and (re)connecting to your supports. Additionally, we direct you to the following wellness resources to help you reunite with your community, your purpose, and your sense of self, not only during Wellness Week but throughout the remainder of the semester. 

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University Counseling and Psychological Services

Health Advancement & Prevention Strategies

Health and Wellness Center

Office of Student Affairs