3.17.20: Message to Students Approved for On Campus Housing

An update sent to students remaining on campus.

If you are in receipt of this message, you have been granted permission to remain in on campus housing for all or part of spring semester. First, and foremost, thank you for your swift adaptation to an unforeseen set of circumstances.

While residing on campus, we ask that you respect the directives and guidance of public health offices who are telling us that social distancing is the most effective weapon we have against continued spread of COVID-19.  Be vigilant about keeping as much distance from others as possible.  Avoid group meetings or gatherings while accessing campus resources, including our dining facilities.  

While university offices are currently accessible via LU ID card access during business hours, services are very limited as staffs have begun to transition to remote workplaces.  PLEASE stay in your house, residence hall, or apartment if you can.  If you are required to venture out, be vigilant about keeping as much distance from others as possible.

Of course, you should continue to practice good hygiene as well, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control:  wash your hands regularly and thoroughly; avoid touching your mouth and nose with unwashed hands; cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough; stay home if you are sick. You can learn more here.

This is a difficult time, and we are all experiencing some degree of anxiety about what the weeks to come will hold.  In the meantime, the responsibility to fight this virus is shared by us all, and we appreciate your partnership as we work to keep our campus and our community safe. 


Ricardo Hall

Vice President for Student Affairs

Katherine Lavinder

Dean of Students