12.27.21: Instructions for Students - Booster Documentation

A message from the Health and Wellness Center to students. 

Dear Students,

Many of you have uploaded your Booster documentation and are on track for a safe return to campus!  THANK YOU!  No additional action is necessary unless you receive a secure message from the Health & Wellness Center's patient portal.

For all other students, please read the following VERY CAREFULLY to ensure smooth and accurate upload of the required booster-related documentation. 

UPLOADING DOCUMENTATION:  For new uploads, the best way to upload documentation:

  1. When in the patient portal, click on ‘Forms’

  2. Select and complete the ‘COVID-19 BOOSTER’ Form and attach your booster documentation

NOTE: When using this form, there is no need to upload your booster documentation separately via document upload.  Also, there is no need to upload your COVID-19 primary vaccination documentation again, unless specifically requested or is on the same documentation as your booster information.

COVID-19 DOCUMENTATION- For all documentation uploaded:

  1. Full name, birth date, manufacturer name and vaccination date must be on the uploaded documentation.

  2. If the provider that completed your documentation entered the information on a ‘Reminder Card’, please be sure to upload both the front (primary vaccination documentation) and back of the card (booster documentation so that your name and birth date is visible for HWC review.

  3. Do not upload ‘Reminder Cards’ for future appointments. Submit documentation only for dates of actual booster vaccinations.


  1. Submit your booster documentation once. Submitting multiple times will increase review time.

  2. Please allow 3-5 business days for your documentation to be reviewed.

  3. If our HWC staff has any questions, we will send you a secure message in the secure patient portal.  

  4. Please update your cell phone number in PyraMED so that you can be alerted when we send you a message. 

  5. You will not be notified when we review and approve your documentation; you can check back on your portal to review your immunization compliance status.