11.4.21: Testing Requirements for COVID-19 VACCINATED Students

A message sent to all students. 

Dear Students, 

We received some questions and wanted to clarify our recent policy update for COVID-19 testing.

Who is selected for random COVID-19 Surveillance Testing?  

The following students are required to participate the week they are selected:

  • All unvaccinated community members with approved medical or religious exemptions (100% each week)

  • A randomized 10% of Lehigh's VACCINATED student population (per our policy updated September 15):


    • Students with any type of ON-CAMPUS component

When selected, students will be notified by email. If you do not receive a message, you are not required to be tested. 

Note for graduate students: If your courses/section does not have an on-campus component and you are selected for surveillance testing, please send an email to: inlutest@lehigh.edu.

There are some weeks leading up to the holidays and exams where surveillance testing for vaccinated students is discontinued and optional testing will be made available for students traveling home or returning to campus. Review the schedule as noted in this update from the COVID Response Team. 

-COVID Response Team