11.16.20: Important Preparation for On-Campus Students

A message sent from Housing Services to students living on campus

Dear student,

This email provides important information to help you prepare if you are identified as a close contact of someone who tested positive or should you yourself test positive for COVID-19. As noted, extending into the Thanksgiving break, Lehigh will offer accommodation to on-campus students who require quarantine as a close contact or who require isolation while awaiting a test result or after testing positive. Lehigh strongly urges students to not travel after receiving a positive test result or being identified as a close contact.

Exit Testing

During the next few days, Lehigh will administer COVID-19 exit testing for students who have pre-registered. Remember that a negative COVID-19 test result is not a guarantee that you have not been infected with COVID-19. COVID-19 tests typically do not detect the virus until at least 3-5 days after exposure, but may take up to 14 days to detect the virus. In addition you could become exposed after your test. If you tested positive for COVID- 19 in the last 12 weeks, if you are currently in isolation due to a positive test result, if you are in quarantine, and/or if you were identified as a close contact of someone who tested positive, please remember that you should NOT complete an exit test. If you are having symptoms or believe you have been a close contact of a positive case, please contact the Health and Wellness Center (HWC).

As you prepare to return home, we urge you to limit your exposure to people, wear masks, practice social distancing and avoid unnecessary outings, such as trips to the store or dining in restaurants.


We strongly encourage students who are identified as a close contact of someone who tested positive for COVID-19 to complete their required quarantine on campus. If leaving campus to complete quarantine at home, students may travel by private transportation, but should not take public transportation such as by bus, plane or ride shares. A student who is quarantining because they are identified as a close contact of someone who tested positive must complete the full 14 days of quarantine even if they test negative for the virus during that time frame. Dining Services information for students in quarantine will be communicated closer to the November 23 closing date.


Again, Lehigh strongly urges students to not travel after receiving a positive test result and to complete the isolation period on campus. If you must leave campus during the required isolation period, you should follow the directions and guidance provided by the HWC. The HWC’s current recommendation is that students who test positive may travel if they are able to do so by private vehicle, but they should not use public transportation, which includes plane, train, bus, or rideshare. If you have a vulnerable family member at home, you should complete your isolation period at Lehigh or at a location where you can isolate without risking the exposure of others.

Students who test positive and who are completing their isolation period on campus will be required to move to Trembley Park. You are not allowed to use public transportation to relocate off campus.

Students who test positive and move to Trembley for isolation will not be permitted to return to their building/rooms until after their 10-day isolation period is completed. Your building access will be deactivated until the isolation period has ended. If you choose to depart for home prior to the completion of your isolation period, you may do so, but you will be unable to return to your residence hall prior to leaving. You may take the belongings that you would be taking home with you for break when you relocate to Trembley. Alternatively, you will have the opportunity to pick up your belongings in your residence hall after your 10-day isolation has ended.

Please note we will continue to provide meals to students who are in isolation throughout the 10-day isolation period, even if this date extends beyond Monday, Nov. 23, 2020, when the residence halls will close for the semester.

Preparing a “Go Kit”

We recommend that all students assemble a “Go Kit” to have available should you need it. Students may either bring their Go Kit to the HWC if they are not feeling well or showing symptoms of COVID 19 or you may ask another student to pick up your Go Kit from your room and deliver it to your isolation location (please request they leave it outside of your door so there is no contact). The university provides some items in all isolation rooms, including linens, paper products, wellness kits and cleaning supplies. Supplies you may want to include in your Go Kit include academic materials (all class materials, including academic books, notebooks, laptop and other necessary supplies); personal medications (prescribed medications you need for at least 10 days); hygiene supplies (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, feminine products, etc.); technology supplies (phone charger, laptop charger and a back-up battery); comfort food to supplement university-provided meals (favorite comfort snacks and drinks as well as a reusable water bottle); self-care Items to support your well-being (art supplies, puzzles, crafts, playing cards, books); and a blanket.


If you have additional questions related to isolation, housing or dining, please email inisohsg@lehigh.edu. All questions related to medical concerns, testing, or isolation information should be directed to the Health and Wellness Center at 610-758-3870.