10.30.20: Taylor Gym Reopening and COVID-19 Surveillance Testing Results

A message sent to members of the campus community and Lehigh families.

Dear Members of the Campus Community and Lehigh Families, 

The results of this week’s surveillance testing indicate a comparable positivity rate to previous weeks’, with an increase in overall positive cases:

  • Of 774 surveillance test results, there were 12 positive results, a positivity rate of 1.6%. 

  • As of this update, our total positives, including the results of ongoing diagnostic testing, are higher at 23 this week versus 10 positive student cases reported the week of October 19 (see under “Cumulative Positive Cases.”)

  • There are a total of 4 active staff/faculty cases.  

  • See the updates on the dashboard

The results indicate that our additional health and safety measures have allowed us to temper the spike in positive cases we had been seeing earlier in the month, but we are far from being able to safely resume all activity. We are cautiously monitoring the emergence of new cases on and off campus. 

In the past week, we were able to safely reopen the libraries in a limited capacity and we have observed good attention to the wearing of face coverings and social distancing in those spaces. 

Taylor Gym - Although the limits on gatherings and other safety measures will remain in place, beginning Monday, November 2, at 10:00 a.m. we will resume activity at Taylor Gym in a limited capacity and with stricter protocols in place. These include time limits on workouts and limits on the number of individuals allowed in each area of the gym. Check the Taylor Gym website and social media for additional information. 

Dining - Further information regarding dining and the plan to resume additional in-person activity in dining spaces will be provided next week. 

We are continuing to balance the needs of health and safety with our efforts to foster physical and mental health and connectedness, which are also critical to social and academic well-being. For those activities that have resumed, it is imperative that the safety protocols be followed so they can be sustained.   

Surveillance testing will continue on November 9 and 10. We encourage all members of the community to remain vigilant. As shared in a message from Nathan Urban, Ric Hall, and Jason Schiffer, we also ask all students to be especially thoughtful and attentive heading into the Halloween weekend

-COVID-19 Response Team

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