10.13.23: Important Action Required by Students, Faculty and Staff for Emergency Notifications

A message sent to members of the Lehigh community.

Dear Members of the Lehigh Community,

The Hawkwatch app is one important vehicle the university uses to relay emergency-related information and notifications. Recent updates to this app require that students, faculty and staff update their settings to receive the appropriate emergency notifications.

Estimated time to complete: <1 minute

What to check for (be sure to complete both steps one and two):

  1. In the Hawkwatch app (step one)-

  • Open the Hawkwatch app.
  • If applicable, agree to any app updates needed.
  • Press the “About/Preferences” button in Hawkwatch.
  • Press the “Notification Settings” button. Make sure your push notifications are enabled. If they are not, you will see an option that says “enable notifications.” Once enabled, this should turn red.
  • Please note: Additionally, the “Show Notifications” option must be enabled for this app within Settings on your device (see step two below).
  • If you have any questions, check the relevant directions for iPhone and Android
  1. In your phone’s settings (step two)-

  • Navigate to your phone’s application settings (for all applications).
  • Select the Hawkwatch app in the list of all applications.
  • Disable automatic app hibernation/disable automatic app offloading.
  • Note the directions may vary for iPhone and Android.

Why do I need to make this update?

Starting with Android 11, if a user does not interact with the Hawkwatch app for a few months, the app will automatically be placed in a hibernation state by the operating system. This is the default behavior of the operating system, and it currently cannot be programmatically disabled. Once the app has been placed in this state, it will be unable to receive push notifications until the end-user reopens the app and resubscribes to push notifications.

iOS devices have a similar function called 'App Offloading.' This setting removes the app from the user's device if the device storage is low. Push notifications may still be received, but the app will need to be restored via the app store.

Can I receive text alerts in addition to HawkWatch alerts?

Yes. You must OPT IN to receive SMS Text Messages and voice messages. To check if your information is correct, please visit the HawkWatch alert registration page. You may also text LEHIGH to 237233 to subscribe to alerts. Text STOP to cancel. Standard message and data rates may apply.

Thank you for taking this important action to support your safety and the safety of the campus community.