Indigenous Peoples Health

The undergraduate minor in Indigenous Peoples Health will provide students with a basic understanding of the concepts and perspectives needed to work with the Indigenous peoples of the Americas and their communities. Through their coursework students will learn about issues such as sovereignty, colonialism, historical trauma, and the connections these concepts play in the health disparities, inequalities, and inequities Indigenous peoples face today. Students will also learn the basics of developing and implementing health programs with Indigenous peoples and their communities. Students are required to take a minimum of 15-credits in total; 6 credits of required classes, 6-credits of elective courses, and 3-credits of experiential learning. The minor focus and progression will be developed by the student in consultation with the Indigenous Peoples Health minor advisor.

Indigenous Peoples Health Minor Contact

Michael Gusmano, PhD, Associate Dean for Academic Programs:| (610) 758-1800
Jennifer Topp, Assistant Director, Student Experiences:| (610) 758-1800