Stories about Mathematics

Wu explores Hilbert’s sixth problem to determine which mathematical approach to use in a particular regime.

Paolo Bocchini, Daniel Conus, Brian Davison and their colleagues leverage their collaborative experience in probabilistic modeling to sharpen their focus on catastrophe modeling, a discipline not traditionally explored in academia.

Petch Chueluecha ’21 uses his mathematical prowess to score high in the prestigious annual college competition.

The model and its corresponding open-source software will help researchers understand how the damage process evolves over time.

Interdisciplinary study finds increased risk of arrested healing among women aged 30-49 and significant delay in bone healing among smokers.

A study by a team of economists including James Dearden, Chad Meyerhoefer and Muzhe Yang finds that selective universities can give significant preference to applicants who demonstrate interest.

Shing-Tung Yau has advanced string theory and the ties between geometry and physics.