Stories about Lehigh Humanities Lab

Colorful illustration of researches reaching through window toward cells floating in the sky

Interdisciplinarity & Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

A diverse team of Lehigh researchers examines components of the language, history and narratives of antibiotics related to their individual expertise.

Fall on Lehigh's campus.

Imagining the Future of Interdisciplinary Studies at Lehigh

Faculty weighed in during a forum on how to integrate interdisciplinary work into Lehigh’s curricula.

Viola Yu and Sarrah Hussain

Portraits of the Brain: Teaching Students About Neuroanatomy

Art and science come together in unique textbook project supported by Lehigh Humanities Lab.

An illustration of people looking at art displayed on a pink museum wall.

Bound Together by Humanity

The Lehigh Humanities Lab fosters discourse and expands horizons for faculty and students across disciplines.

An Experimental Initiative: The Lehigh Humanities Lab Fosters Interdisciplinary Collaboration

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation-funded Lab invites faculty and students from all disciplines to explore unique approaches to teaching and research.