Stories about Holona Ochs

The conference, which is built off the works of bell hooks’ works, will be held March 4-8.

The professor of political science discusses gender-based violence in Native American communities.

The professor of political science suggests ways officers and mental health professionals can improve the ways mental heath calls are handled. 

First study to look at gender differences in trustworthiness and perceptions of benevolence in the context of hierarchical negotiations, such as wage-labor agreements, finds that women and men reach very similar negotiations outcomes in a neutral setting.

Professor Holona Ochs' research on voter disenfranchisement cited in court case. 

Professor Holona Ochs shares her perspective about the potential impacts of recent wage law proposals on tipped workers. 

An open forum welcomes discussion on protest and policing in the United States. 

In interviews and research, faculty look for a way forward.