Stories about history

A gift to Lehigh Libraries Special Collections creates a snapshot of one of Lehigh’s first graduates—a naturalist, civil engineer and astronomer—and offers new research opportunities.

Historian Emily Pope-Obeda explores U.S. deportation practices and their impacts, focusing on the 1920s when deportation “came of age.”

Peçe has spent his career exploring the perilous conditions faced by minority populations in Turkey. In a new book, he sheds light on a sectarian conflict that remains lost to history.

The beloved scholar, colleague and mentor leaves an impressive legacy at Lehigh.

New exhibit in Linderman Library showcases historical charts, maps, graphs and other images that show the importance of data visualization.

The Next Generation Ph.D. planning grant supports new approaches to graduate study in the humanities.

New analysis techniques reveal environmental history of ancient coins.

A fellowship opens a Spanish colonial reformer’s archives to a Lehigh scholar.

Jim Donovan’s namesake was lawyer and master negotiator. 

Fifteen institutions will create images and descriptions for 160,000 manuscript pages.