Stories about economics

Yang’s work explores how the circumstances of maternal employment and other environmental factors impact maternal health, fetal health and infant health.

Shin-Yi Chou and Ernest Lai investigate how conflicting information figures into health decisions.

Study observes how the interactions between technological growth and specialization patterns between native and immigrant workers affect wages earned by native workers.

Lehigh researcher Muzhe Yang co-authored the first study of the infant health impacts of maternal stress caused by long-distance commuting.

A study by a team of economists including James Dearden, Chad Meyerhoefer and Muzhe Yang finds that selective universities can give significant preference to applicants who demonstrate interest.

Students receive second place in the U.S. Association for Energy Economics case competition.

A team of Lehigh economists finds on-site contacts can increase probability of admission.

Lehigh economists examine impact of a single polluter on downwind residents.

Marc Tomljanovich will spend the 2016-17 academic year at Lehigh.

'Think Like a Freak' keynote was part of Lehigh’s Alumni Weekend and Sesquicentennial Close Celebration.