Stories about Earth and Environmental Sciences

A Q&A with experts from Lehigh’s Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences and the Environmental Studies Program

Benjamin S. Felzer highlights the importance of new research showing that cleaning up ozone precursors within energy, industrial and transportation sectors could mitigate climate change.

Peatlands, found in both arctic and tropical climates, can help reduce carbon accumulation in the atmosphere.

First study of the extent of global peatland and carbon storage over the last 130,000 years fills in key knowledge gap, affirms peatlands’ effectiveness as a long-term carbon storage mechanism over a long timescale

The National Science Foundation has awarded Professor Zicheng Yu a grant to study the rapidly changing Arctic and track the dynamics of peatlands as part of one of its ten “Big Ideas” for scientists to tackle.

Lehigh geophysicist discusses the significance of magnetism in sedimentary rock deposits.

Seismologist is honored for leading community-driven and guided Earth science initiatives.

Seismologist Anne Meltzer and an international team of researchers study the Hangay region of Mongolia in an effort to gain better understanding of the generation of large earthquakes.