Stories about diversity

The national award, presented by Insight Into Diversity, honors colleges and universities dedicated to making diversity and inclusion a top priority.

As Lehigh’s inaugural vice president for equity and community and the university’s diversity and inclusion officer, Donald Outing offers his perspective on the need to expand Lehigh’s efforts to cultivate a more diverse and welcoming campus climate.

Berman will speak on reclaiming voting rights for all.

He will also discuss how the arts can address social issues and inspire change.

New endeavor aims to advance the study and practice of ethics at Lehigh.

The multi-faceted event will showcase artists, lecturers and performers from Lehigh and beyond.

The engineers and co-authors of Ignored Potential: A Collaborative Road Map for Increasing African-American Women in Engineering will present a public talk on April 4.

The April 4 event in Packer Chapel will welcome community voices.

Scholars, activists and community organizers to shed light on human rights issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community in Africa.

Princess who is a leading voice for the empowerment of women visits Lehigh campus.