Stories about Creative Inquiry

Innovative student-led initiative tackles tuberculosis with low-tech solutions and holistic healthcare approach.

Eleven Lehigh students participated in the innovative Maker Bootcamp, part of the AccelerateX winter program.

A future partnership will integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence to recommend programs based on students’ interests and past experiences.

Lehigh’s self-driving cars team works to enhance safety and adaptability on the roads.

The Global Social Impact Fellowship team tackles plastic pollution in the Philippines.

Lehigh's STEM Visualizations team pioneers an online simulator to propel students into a new realm of interactive and comprehensive learning.

Lehigh students and Bethlehem community collaborate to address persistent waste challenges.

A Creative Inquiry team of students is bringing Amazon’s Alexa to Lehigh, where the voice-activated assistant can help students navigate campus.

The student-led Permaculture Revolution is actively cultivating sustainable change throughout the Lehigh Valley.

Lehigh students and educators pioneer virtual reality games, offering unprecedented access to local history and environmental systems.