Stories about College of Arts and Sciences

The outspoken Trump critic and former U.S. Representative delivers the Kenner Lecture on Cultural Understanding in talk titled ‘Defending Democracy.’

Lisa Fredin joins 126 outstanding early-career researchers honored across seven fields.

Amy Johnson and research collaborators find it’s not just undocumented immigrants who feel at risk.

The College of Arts and Sciences launches a new research center that focuses on the field of ocean science.

With polarization and misinformation on the rise, new research explores a solution using interactive data visualization to inform and engage readers.

Lehigh researchers connect 'hot young stars' to the clusters of their birth using Gaia Mission survey of 1 billion stars.

Lehigh researchers provide a methodology for predicting wildfires, work to speed up the translation of research into actual use, discover a novel way to capture carbon pollution, and other developments.

The new Accelerating Research Translation (ART) program addresses the gap between academic research and practical solutions for society’s complex problems.

An estimated 300 professionals from dozens of cultural and arts organizations around the state attended the event, which was well received.

Wu's findings in 'Birth of the Geopolitical Age: Global Frontiers and the Making of Modern China' draw on research she conducted in Asia, North America and Europe.