Stories about civil and environmental engineering

Y.C. Ethan Yang works with a team of researchers incorporating data on human behavior into a climate-risk modeling framework to improve resilience of critical water, food and energy systems.

Paolo Bocchini, Daniel Conus, Brian Davison and their colleagues leverage their collaborative experience in probabilistic modeling to sharpen their focus on catastrophe modeling, a discipline not traditionally explored in academia.

Funding supports team of seven Mid-Atlantic universities, led by Penn State, to pursue activities that improve durability and extend the life of U.S. transportation infrastructure.

With wide-ranging approaches to solving global problems, teams of Lehigh researchers tackle key questions about the future of energy and infrastructure—and by extension, the very future of modern society.

Javier Buceta and Paolo Bocchini create a modeling framework to track the ecological drivers of bat migration patterns to predict the next Ebola outbreak in humans.

The engineering professor has led global efforts to develop sustainable water-treatment systems.

Professional society recognizes his outstanding achievements and contributions.

A “Thank a Donor Dinner” opens a succession of doors for an engineer-musician.

Lehigh’s Engineers Without Borders collaborate with the village of Cebadilla.

Invitation is a first for the Lehigh student chapter of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute.