Selected Media Coverage: November 18, 2003

**Lehigh in the News** {online press clippings from other news sources}
Discover Magazine (Readership: 3,500,000)
Got Pollution? Get Rust

Research by Wei-Xian Zhang, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at Lehigh, was featured in Discover magazine. Zhang has decontaminated a 1,000-square-foot plot at a pharmaceutical plant in North Carolina using just $1000 in raw materials, the article said. His secret: 20 pounds of iron nanoparticles--superfine iron dust.
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EE Times (Circulation: 160,155)
Agere Targets Telecom Turnaround

Lehigh was mentioned in an article on Agere executives' prediction that a recovery in the telecommunications infrastructure market and 3G wireless deployment will break them out of a lengthy downturn over the next year. Statistical models developed at neighboring Lehigh University and used in the company's Advanced Planning System enable Agere to respond to increases and reductions on a daily basis, the article said.
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The Washington Times (Circulation: 103,505)
'Junk' Sales are Up at Many Campuses

Lehigh's Moveout, headed up by Ellen Dunton Larmer, a former graduate student at Lehigh, was mentioned in an article on universities' resourceful use of discarded belongings. Our program focuses attention on enhancing the social fabric of the community, Dunton-Larmer said. It's working to help bind the school and the community together.
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Internal Auditor (Circulation: 48,500)
Making the Right Assessment

Parveen Gupta, associate professor of accounting at Lehigh, was featured in the Ask the Experts column, addressing the following dilemma: An inexperienced audit manager is faced with resolving a dispute between his senior auditor and a key customer. A good internal auditor always bases conclusions on evidence, not on management claims, Gupta advised. Second, although the practice of rotating the internal audit director every couple years is a good concept, it must be implemented diligently if it is to add value to both the organization and the employees.
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The News-Sun (Waukegan, IL) (Circulation: 25,000)
Eating on the Run

Research by Karen Evans Stout, associate professor of educational leadership at Lehigh, continues to be picked up my media outlets across the country, most recently in an article on school lunches that are scheduled too early in the day at Cole Middle School in Denver. Stout says she has never encountered a lunch as early as Cole's. It's too early, she says. If school is over at 2:30, some kids are going 4 1/2 hours without food. They're going to be very hungry at the end of the school day.
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