A new system for events and announcements

Promoting and learning about Lehigh’s campus events is now easier than ever.

In a collaborative effort, the Office of Communications and Public Affairs and Library and Technology Services have utilized feedback from students, faculty, and staff to streamline the events-submission process. Users are now able to submit events to a single source – the events calendar. Once submitted, events will automatically appear in the events calendar and the daily “Upcoming Lehigh Events and Announcements” email, as well as on the Inside Lehigh web page, digital signs around campus, Lehigh’s Facebook page, smartphone apps, and the campus portal. Users can also submit announcements to be included in the “Upcoming Lehigh Events and Announcements” email.

The daily email will now provide the entire campus community with a brief snapshot of Lehigh announcements and events. Each day’s message will provide calendar information for the following seven days. Designed to be “mobile aware,” the next-generation email will automatically adapt to fit any desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone available today, as well as devices yet to come.

Upcoming Lehigh Events and Announcements preview

The most effective way to promote events

Posting an event to the events calendar enables organizers to reach the largest possible audience quickly and easily. The events calendar receives approximately half a million pageviews annually, making it the ideal tool for promoting campus events such as lectures, conferences, performances, exhibitions, athletic events, and cultural and entertainment activities. Users can submit events days or months in advance and repeat listings as necessary. Once submitted, an event is automatically publicized across Lehigh’s website and other information sources. Website managers can automatically embed and stream events from any calendar category directly onto a website, digital sign, or other device, enabling further promotion.

Know what’s happening at Lehigh

With over 3,000 events submitted annually, the Lehigh events calendar serves as a central source of information about what’s happening on campus. Members of the Lehigh community can:

• Search the calendar by date, event category, or organization and view events by day, week, month, or year.
• Share events with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites or forward them as email or text message from both the main calendar page and individual event details.
• Easily transfer individual events or entire event categories into a personal Google calendar.
• Subscribe to receive email or text notifications of events by category or sign up to receive reminders for individual events.