Honors Convocation Recognizes Academic Achievement

The academic accomplishments of more than 700 students were recognized at the 38th Honors Convocation, which took place on Friday, April 7, in Baker Hall. The students and their families gathered for the occasion, which recognizes juniors and seniors who earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.6 or higher.

Following prelude music, a processional and an invocation by University Chaplain Lloyd Steffen, the audience was welcomed by President John Simon, who offered heartfelt congratulations to the students before introducing Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Pat Farrell.

Farrell began his remarks by recounting a tale told by writer and academic Leo Rosten in the book, Captain Newman, M.D., about Destiny visiting three men and questioning them about their first acts upon knowing that the island they inhabited would soon be immersed under a tidal wave. While one opted for pleasures of the flesh and another sought spiritual guidance, the third man, who loved reason, said he would begin at once to study how to live under water.

“It’s that spirit of inquiry, that willingness to explore the unknown and chart new pathways—that  is the mark of a great university,” Farrell said. “This is the kind of student that Lehigh has produced for more than 150 years: women and men eager to seek answers to the most fundamental questions on earth.”

Farrell reminded the students that their world faces many serious challenges, including energy demand, climate change, health care and poverty. “We need creative thinkers and problem solvers, people who are prepared to see things differently, roll up their sleeves and get after it,” he said, “and that’s what we’re all about at Lehigh, and those are the students we are recognizing today. As I’ve said on other occasions: These young women and men did not come to Lehigh to blend in; they came here to stand out.”

A Time of Unparalleled Growth and Change

Donald Hall, the Herbert J. and Ann L. Siegel Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, extended his congratulations for the “extraordinary accomplishments which have brought you to this place” and reminded the students that this time is a period of unparalleled growth and change.

“I want to thank the professors who do so much to engage and inspire you, your parents whose love and encouragement makes today’s celebration possible, and your friends who persuade, push, and support you on your academic passage,” he said.

Hall introduced journalism major Caroline Haynie, who played on the varsity lacrosse team her freshman year before establishing and playing on the club lacrosse team. She also played field hockey, served as secretary of the club team, is a member of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority, actively participates in community service events at Lehigh and serves on the Newman Council.
Haynie warned her fellow students about descending down the slippery slope of measuring worth by accomplishments or material success, and instead urged them to focus on love.

“Not necessarily romantic love, but also familial and fraternal love,” she said. “In any kind of relationship, love is to will the good of the other person. In short: I’m telling you, if you’re looking to be actually happy with the success you find in life, prioritize people.”

Over the past few years, she said, she has started to realize that “happiness in its truest form is to love others and have that love reciprocated. I’ve also noticed that decision-making is less agonizing when those I love are non-negotiably prioritized. If you look at any relationship in a cost-benefit way, stop that immediately. If you think your GPA, your internship, your career, are even close in importance to your relationships with your friends and your loved ones... I wish you good luck.”

It’s been her experience, she said, that “when you give unconditional, nonjudgmental love to the people in your life, putting them and all others first before yourself, the feeling that you’re not smart, rich or good enough diminishes as people give back the love and care you show to them. It’s my firm belief that prioritizing people will not only make life decisions a little bit easier and make you less stressed, but lead you to that happiness I know all of us crave.”

A Competitive Difference

Georgette Phillips, the Kevin L. and Lisa A. Clayton Dean of the College of Business and Economics, told those assembled that the students honored had used their time at Lehigh wisely and are well-prepared for their next chapter in their lives.

“Through internships and projects that apply theory learned in the classroom to real-world business problems, you are well positioned to differentiate yourself in a competitive job market,” Phillips said.

She introduced John Larson, a double major in supply chain management and marketing, with a minor in philosophy. Larson is a member of two honor societies, the recipient of a Tauck Scholarship to intern with a private Chinese company, and a member of the Lehigh University Choir, the Glee Club and the Melismatics a capella group.

Noting that this was his first time at the Honors Convocation, Larson thanked all those who supported him along his path and asked his fellow students to remember their reaction when they made their final decision to come to Lehigh. The Cincinnati native said he came to Lehigh “knowing no one, unprepared for the East Coast and the impending workload that was ahead of me.”

He faced failure, disappointment and discouragement, and even seriously considered transferring to a less academically demanding environment. But before giving up, he said he made “some serious changes in both my activities and my studies, redoubling my efforts to achieve the level of success I knew I was capable of.

“I’m sure many of you faced similar turning points in your journey—moments when you were staring at a seemingly insurmountable wall, when you rubbed your hands together and started climbing,” he said. “These are moments that shape, grow and define us, and we should live in those moments instead of looking beyond them.”

He challenged his fellow students to savor the triumphs, failure, reroutes and wrong turns on the road to success and fulfillment.

“I am continuously astounded by the amazing things that people accomplish here; things that would not have been possible elsewhere,” he said. “It so impresses me that opportunity is the message I end with on the tours I give of Lehigh. Not just the opportunity to do great things, but to be challenged, pushed to your upper limits and even the opportunity to fail. The Lehigh chapter of my life has been more than I could have possibly hoped for.”

No “Pocket Protector Engineers”

In introducing the last student to speak, Steve DeWeerth, dean of the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science, listed a number of extraordinarily accomplished alumni who are emblematic of a place that doesn’t produce pocket protector engineers, but where “leaders are cultivated through hands-on learning and the integration of thinking styles, and through plain and simple hard work, day in and day out. That leadership is evident every day in our classrooms and laboratories, as well as across the campus.”

DeWeerth said that close to 70 percent of the students in instrumental and choral music programs are engineers, and that 20 percent of the university’s varsity athletes are as well. Engineering students are mentoring younger students, participating in—and sometimes dominating—national competitions, as well as conducting significant research through close work with faculty.

DeWeerth introduced electrical engineering major Eric Reid, who serves as the president of the Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Band fraternity, as well as president of the Lehigh IEEE Student Club.

Reid spoke of the significant challenges he and his fellow students faced at Lehigh, and the role his engineering education played in preparing him for problem solving.

“We had to learn how to solve the problem, build the tools to solve the problem and then apply them,” he said. “We didn’t only have to use some pre-discovered knowledge in a specified way—we pulled from all our knowledge and experience. As Lehigh engineers, we have learned how to learn how to solve any of these challenges using the knowledge base we have gained here.”

He added, “I will always thank Lehigh for teaching me how to learn, and I hope you will do the same. If we all take this knowledge to heart, no problem will stand in our way going into the future.”

The program concluded with the singing of the alma mater and a benediction by Rabbi Danielle Stillman.

The following students were honored at this year’s convocation:

College of Arts and Sciences

Rachel Abramowitz
Naomi E. Albinder
Bilal A. Ali
Sana Ali
Augusta K. Alwang
Matthew E. Amoroso
Mathew W. Anthony
Alexis J. Apostolos
Paul A. Asadourian
Matthew B. Asteak
Courtney N. Avery
Robert A. Axelsen
Reem M. Azar
Paul Bang
Brianne E. Barker
Hugh H. Bartlett
Vincent G. Behe
Elizabeth B. Beltz
Alison M. Bergin
Colby H. Berman
Ava J. Bertone
Yazata C. Bhote
Bhoomi K.Bhuptani
Chengyixiu Bian
William A. Black
David V. Blake
Robert W. Bloom
Marlena A. Boesch
Sabrina M. Bordash
Cynthia L. Botello
Natalie A. Bourman-Karns
Sarah G. Boyle
Georgeanne K. Brattland
Erica D. Brecker
Elizabeth E. Bredahl
Allyson M. Briegel
Jessie A. Brill
Kenneth J. Brill
Adam G. Brodkin
Margaret A. Burnett
Jiadi Cai
Danielle N. Campbell
Taylor A. Campbell
Jamie M. Campisi
Micah Carlisle
George K. Carpenter
Taylor C.Carroll
Tyler P. Cerilli
Abigail Cervantes
Jacob L. Chalfin
Patrick H. Champagne
Linda Chen
Ming-Ting Chen
Rachel E. Chernov
Adrienne M. Chodnowsky
Peter B. Choi
Juliet Chung
Brenna E. Clark
Juliana G. Clifton
Sarah E. Cole
Marissa A. Coscia
Amalia C. Cote
Gabrielle J. Dardis
Jared Dashevsky
Rachel H. Davidson
Sophie M. Davis
Stacy L. Denbaum
Alexandra M. DiBrigida
Mark J. DiMaggio
Lauren E. DiNapoli
Dana P. Dobrowski
Thomas R. Doelp
Hayley H. Donaldson
Amanda Mae Donohue
Kaitlin E. Dyson
Jillian L. Dziegielewski
Adrienne P. Dzurick
Minah Ebrahim
Nadine S. Elsayed
Matthew G. Enslin
Ileana Exaras
Casey J. Farmer
Leah R. Fendrick
Rafael A. Fernandez
Courtney J. Ferszt
Joshua R. Finkelstein
Sarah J. Fittro
Corina R. Fitzgerald
Mariel A. Flanagan
Wayan B. Fowler-Puja
Jerome Fratello
Rebecca M. Fryer
Amelia M. Galgon
Nicholas E. Gans
Kathleen K. Gerard
Aikaterini Gerasopoulou-Pappa
Kester L. Gibbons
Monica S. Glassman
Robert W. Golledge
Madison T. Gouveia
Vincent J. Graziano
Henry R. Greenberg
Marina Grossi
Sabina Gudmundsson
Yasemin N. Gulerman
John H. Gulick
Jenna M. Guma
Elyssa Hanson
Katie R. Hatler
Jordan E. Hayes
Caroline D. Haynie
Anne W. Henry
Ryan P. Herbert
Kyle S. Higgins
Rebecca B. Hirsch
Audrey K. Hla
Rayna H. Hollander
Leah E. Holmes
Steven J. Imburgio
Briaun A. Isreal
Robert E. Iulo
Katherine E. Jalboot
Carolyn E. Janik
Kristen Janousek
Klaudia Jazwinska
Caraline R. Jeffrey
Noel M. Johnson
Alexander S. Kaplitz
Alexa S. Kardos
Bergen I. Kassoff
Calli M. Katzelnick
Evan C. Kauffman
Allison B. Kelliher
Caroline E. Kelliher
Margaret J. Kelly
Megan A. Kienzle
Cody J. Kjos
Karen R. Konkoly
Saran Kunaprayoon
Allison R. LaBeau
David M. LaGatta
Cassandra Lajeunesse
Dara D. Lakin
Sara L. Lampert
Nicole A. Lando
Alyssa J. Landow
Katelyn M. Latuska
Christine N. Lenchur
Inka M. Leprince
Samantha P. Lerner
Carine E. Leslie
Matthew R. Levin
Christy X. Li
Elizabeth S. Litt
Jennifer S. Liu
Shuaichen Liu
Grant H. Loescher
Ryan J. Loftus
Ryan J. Lonergan
Lauren K. Lundahl
Simon Luu
Catherine A. Manthorp
Briana B. Maravich
Rachel A. Margraf
Melissa B. Marks
Danika M. Marzillier
Domenica W. Massamby
Isabelle A. McCarthy
Audra E. McComb
Kelly A. McCoy
Molly E. McHugh
Veronica D. McKinny
Fei D. McMahon
Alexandra L. Mease

Cole A. Mehr
Shelby L. Merberg
Samantha A. Mitchnick
Olivia Z. Mobarakai
Aaron G. Monieson
Gabriela A. Morera
Katie M. Morris
Rachel K. Moyer
Jacen M. Nalesnik
Julia M. Nelson
Nicole F. Nester
Drew D. Nielsen
Brittney A. Nochimson
Margaret R. Norsworthy
Carly L. Nyman
Reilly A. O'Brien
Emily M. Okrepkie
Ashley Omoma
Rachel A. Pallay
Jin Y. Park
Jenna R. Pastorini
Gabriele M. Pate
Pujan R. Patel
Anastassiya A. Perevezentseva
Willa C. Perlman
Cathryn L. Peterson
Alexis N. Pezza
Tuan H. Pham
Kathryn E. Phillips
Astrid M. Phillipson
Alexandra E. Pizzuto
Jason G. Pollack
Suraj Pursnani
Jingru Qin
Julia M. Radossich
Lauryn P. Ragone
Samantha L. Randall
Seneca S. Rasey
Brian S. Reiff
Megan M. Reilly
Patrick W. Reilly
Victoria R. Ricles
Theresa C. Ridings
Sidney H. Ro
Stanley Rodriguez
Abigail J. Rose
Grace E. Rountry
Sasha N. Rubman
Kaitlyn M. Ruffing
Emily S. Sagalow
Tiffany J. Sahadeo
Taryn H. Samet
Jaclyn C. Sands
Madeline S. Sands
Garrett T. Santini
Emily L. Sauer
Tyler M. Scanlin
Peter W. Schaedler
Sabrina N. Schulman
Ronasia L. Scott
Sarah E. Segovia
Rebecca A. Sellati
Tristan T. Seton
Amira M. Shokr
Amanda B. Sidwell
Anna R. Simoneau
Kalyani Singh
Nisha K. Singh
Divya G. Sirdeshpande
Krittanon Sirorattanakul
Mikaila O. Skaroff
Joseph W. Skibbens
Shane A. Smith
Lindsey M. Sokol
Ian K. Spolarich
Allison C. Starer
Samantha P. Statfeld
Daniel I. Stern
Sarah P. Stern
Emilee M. Strange
Aislinn R. Strohecker
Emma R. Strong
Summer A. Sullivan
Michaela K. Sunga
Austin P. Taylor
Mitchell D. Thomas
Denis Tilipman
Melanie B. Ting
Soraya M. Todd
Ceara H. Tomaino
Jennifer A. Tomany
Samantha J. Tomaszewski
Katerina Traut
Andrew M. Truman
Barbara E. Tsaousis
Rebecca J. Unterborn
Madison I. Uram
Gabrielle R. Urken
Drake A. Van Egdom
Rhiannon E. Vanderbeek
Nelly Velasco
Philip J. Vendola
Thomas A. Verdi
Austin K. Vitelli
Thu A. Vo
Lindsay R. Voltz
Heather S. Wadyka
Tierney R. Walls
Bowen Wang
Bradley J. Wank
Emily A. Ward
Julia S. Washburn
Natalie J. Wasserman
Eden H. Weinflash
Charlotte L. Weisberg
Jamie A. Weissler
Montana L. Weitzel
Kathryn B. Wexler
Joshua M. Whitton
Rebecca L. Wilkin
Collin B. Wolf
Grace L. Wong
Jonathan D. Wood
Justin T. Worley
Katherine A. Wu
Yuxin Wu
Duo Xu
Yukai Yang
Yung Ching Yang
Dani P. Yellanki
Han Yu Ding
Zhang Yujing Zhao
Phoebe L. de Guzman

Arts & Engineering Program

Alan D. Bebout
David A. Morrison
Walter R. Robinson

College of Business and Economics

Christina Auyeung
Robert A. Axelsen
Kathryn E. Bahner
Jonathan R. Baram
Dallas-Blake I. Basha
Courtney L. Bennett
Michaela R. Berla-Shulock
Anne B. Birkenmaier
Rachel K. Blackley
Ashley E. Blair
Robert J. Brickman
Alexander M. Brint
Skylar M. Brogan
Devon L. Brostoff
Roman A. Brown
Christina G. Chan
Alexis A. Chang
Jiamin Chen
Yiyi Chen
Zijia Chen
Hyuk Woo Choi
Talya A. Cooper
Krista L. Dampman
Kathleen R. DeBellis
Joseph M. DiMieri
Marissa G. Diamond
Justin M. Dinardo
Samuel S. Eggers
Ashish Erasani
Antonio J. Estrella
Robert M. Evans
Yafei Feng
Cassandra L. Fiore
Amanda G. Fischer
Rachel H. Fishman
Megan E. Fitzpatrick
Elizabeth Flynn
John P. Foley
Courtney A. Foshay
Amy L. Gartside
Jeremy C. Gelman
Rachel E. Gevirtz
Lukasz Gjondla
Justin F. Glock
Joshua A. Goldberg
Oscar J. Gomez
Daniel R. Gonzalez
Michelle A. Gorson
Jessica M. Graham
Kassidy M. Green
Anna F. Grillo
Melanie A. Grycan
Alexis L. Haggert
Vyolet G. Haik
Bridget A. Harding
Rebecca D. Hargis
Zachary N. Harmon
Tristan A. Heffler
Margaret C. Herndon
Janelle J. High
Tyler M. Hill
Taylor P. Hosbach
Sarah M. Hoyne
Aijing Huang
Victoria N. Huttner
Brett P. Irwin
Michelle J. Iskandar
Adrian A. Jacob
Emily S. Jia
Steven Jodogne
Mallory A. Joseph
Jan Kasapnevruzi
Nathan S. Keim
Kevin M. Kenna
Trevor J. Knowles
Ryan I. Ladell
Amy D. Laresch
John B. Larson
Victoria M. Lattanzio
Matthew D. Lawrence
Ryan C. Lefever
Zifeng Lin
Miqi Liu
Jack W. Loughran
Gregory C. Lynn
Lauren A. Maida
Adam L. Mangan
Danielle N. Margolis
Salvatore Mauro
Kelly M. Mayid
Kelly G. McBrearty
Kiernan M. McCloskey
Kaitlyn R. McCollian
Joseph P. McDonough
Emily K. McKeown
Megan A. McMichael
Thomas D. McWilliams
Jin Kyeung R. Min
Alexa D. Mitzner
Alexa N. Molinoff
Emily E. Motola
Robert J. Murphy
Alison B. Nestle
Carl A. Neubardt
Duc T. Ngo Minh
B. Nguyen
Drew D. Nielsen
Leonard G. Otto
Megan S. Overby
Esther M. Pak
Scott E. Parker
Jigar R. Patel
David I. Peikon
Joshua E. Perlmutter
Caroline C. Raney
Matthew Ratner
Emma R. Resnick
Megan K. Rich
Lauren M. Richards
Elizabeth G. Rifkin
Brianna G. Riggs
Emily L. Salove
Sarah E. Schinasi
Donald H. Scott
Sarah E. Segovia
Jeffrey Y. Seto Rongkai
Sha Kiran K. Singh
Scott J. Skripko
Caitlin A. Smith

Samantha M. Smith
Mimi I. Swenton
Kevin B. To
Patrick J. Turpin
Madison I. Uram
Allon Vitenson
Vita Vovk
Bowen Wang
Yuxi Wang
Ariana P. Weintraub
Maxwell R. Weiss
Gordon B. Wolf
Brendan R. Worthy
Carolyn M. Wright
Keyi Wu Zongqin
Wu Duo Xu
Dishu Yang
Yiying Yang
Angela K. Young
David F. Young
Sara Zhang
Wenlue Zhong
Gian G. Zurlini

Intercollegiate Programs

Elana R. Abrams
Christopher A. Alexander S
Stephanie C. Behrens
Megan O. Bellinger
Joshua W. Blatt
Roger S. Blumin
Benjamin P. Bonner
Zachary A. Brogie
Connor F. Burbridge
William R. Chadwick
Min Sung Cho
Jack B. Circus
Mikayla J. Cleary-Hammarstedt
James V. Clements
Aaron R. Cohen
Daniel J. Colville
Kieren E. Connor
Elise N. Cross
Alan Henrik Dale
David Danko
William L. DeLucia
Nathan DeRaymond
Racquel A. Doherty
Nicolette R. Dunphy
Matthew M. Dziekonski
Evan L. Eckersley
Rachel Y. Fan
Kevin J. Fein
Korey D. Finn
Joseph G. Freeman B
Brandon L. Fuerst
Basilio Garcia Castillo
Alexander Glass-Hardenbergh
Haley P. Gleeson
Ashley Goldschmid
Evan S. Goldstein
Zoe A. Gottlieb
Paul B. Greenfield
Sarah P. Gregori
Lisa E. Heintzelman
Scott K. Henry
Logan R. Herr
Francis W. Hogan
Sicco R. Huizing
Jungmin Hwang
Marissa R. Karl
Ryan N. Kartiko
Christopher A. Kersey
Daniel R. Kessler
Deanna R. Kocher
Torsten P. Kolind
Kyle D. Kristiansen
Jenna M. Kyser
Lindsey J. Kyser
Amanda P. Lane
Hannah C. Leskow
Brett E. Ley
Anthony J. Lonero
Jack W. Loughran
Kyle B. Lupo
Bryce W. Macomber
James R. Mannherz
Noah H. Marcus
Joseph P. McDonough
Kristen M. Mejia
Mackenzie B. Mooney
David S. Morency
Danielle E. Mustin
Zachary J. Neumann
Chanh P. Nguyen
Trang M. Nguyen
Brittany O'Neill
Rachel Y. Okun
John B. Ott
Erik N. Outhwaite
Jessica A. Petrakovic
Steven R. Pileggi
Thomas K. Pine
Zachary A. Port
Samuel D. Presti
Marcus J. Pugliese
Sarah E. Qureshi
Gibson J. Reine
Samuel F. Rogalsky
Ian S. Rubinoff
Brian P. Scheidle
Eric J. Sciorilli
Donald H. Scott
Carolyn M. Seiter
Benjamin A. Seligsohn
Alexander F. Senchak
Lillian H. Shields
Rachel J. Shields
Paul Skersis
Daniel A. Soskey
John E. St. Pierre
Tyler J. Sudol
Joseph P. Swiecicki
Caroline A. Tkachuk
Jeanne Tong
Cody G. Triolo
Benjamin W. Utterback
Nicholas R. Valletta
Olga A. Voronetskaya
Andrew J. Wagner
Ferguson B. Watkins
Daniel B. Weinstock
Isaac B. Wellish
Madeleine H. Wescott
Nelson E. Westwood
Jonathan T. Whitcraft
Madison L. White
Jannah N. Wing
Robert N. Witkowski
Stephen J. Yenouskas

P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science

Cecilia Alfaro
Christie Altadonna
Daniel H. Altman
Nadim B. Ammari
Joachim K. Amoah
Ryan J. Andrade
Adrien Y. Antoinette
Harry A. August
Kevin E. Augustyn
Colin A. Bader
Logan B. Banning
Richard M. Barry
Alan D. Bebout
Courtney Bell
Andrew X. Benito
Timothy J. Berrill
Roger S. Blumin
John W. Bodkin
Kyle R. Bordner
Mariah K. Brantley
Jeffrey R. Brietling
Michael C. Brill
Katherine R. Brody
Alejandro J. Castro
Lozano Jason J. Chase
Jiaye Chen
Zhenhui Chen
Casey Ching
Min Sung Cho
Timothy S. Choe
Cassandra L. Christman
Francesca J. Cicciari
Cameron L. Clifton
Joseph P. Cline
Jackson H. Cochran-Carney
John C. Coffman
Kieren E. Connor
Jason A. Conti
Ryan D. Cooney
Elise N. Cross
Alan Henrik Dale
Christian T. Davis
Jacob S. DeSieno
Nikoonj Dhandharia
Christina M. DiNapoli
Racquel A. Doherty
Andrew H. Dohmann
Carlen A. Donahue
Sean M. Donohue
Liam Dow
Michael M. Drury
Sarah A. Dudney
Megan J. Dulmaine
Harry C. Eaton
Evan L. Eckersley
Trevor H. Edwards
Michael E. Embick
Malcolm A. Erdogan
Matthew S. Faller
Lezheng Fang
Magdalena G. Fannick
Thomas G. Farinha
Brian P. Farrell
Michelle L. Fedun
Vienna V. Figliolini
Daniella M. Fodera
Allison E. Fraser
Russell A. Freed
Braden E. Frigoletto
Erwin E. Fuentes
Brandon L. Fuerst
Amelia M. Galgon
Justin P. Gaukler
Alexander Glass-Hardenbergh
Taylor D. Gould
James J. Graber
Vincent R. Graber
Sarah P. Gregori
Gustavo Grinsteins Planchart
Stephanie M. Gutman
Benjamin J. Haas
Zachary J. Hall
Ian E. Haney
Syed Mohammad Ibrahim Hashmi
Gavin M. Hatfield
Arthur B. Hedderly-Smith
Grace E. Heidelberger
Lisa E. Heintzelman
Drew S. Hendricks
Peter G. Hildebrandt
Nicholas R. Hochrein
Michael J Holdorf
Shengjun Hong
Ellen S. Houck
Zakaria Hsain
Jenna V. Huynh
Trent C. Insull
Christopher H. Irwin
Natalie A. Jacobs
Katherine L. Jennison
Yinni Jin
Christopher C. Johns
Kaylynn E. Johnson
Nicholas S. Johnson
Anas A. Kamal
Hannah B. Katz
Nicholas D. Kauffman
Caroline R. Kaufman
Kayleen D. Kelly
Christopher A. Kersey
Julianne M. Kerwood
Jacob Y. Kim
Justin D. Klee
Danielle M. Klein
Angelika M. Kligos
Dasom Ko
Claudia A. Kolanovic
Kate W. Koser
Justin M. Kostelnik
Megan C. Kozar
Daniel J. Kramer
Emily G. Krulik
Julia S. Kuhn
Jean N. Kwon
Jenna M. Kyser
Lindsey J. Kyser
Tyler V. LaMaze-Bridgwood
Justin J. Landowne
Kyle J. Leonard
Brett E. Ley
Huanlun Li
Ruoting Li
Brandon C. Ling
Jeffrey D. Litterst
Jessica A. Lloyd
Sarah M. Longwill
Brian T. Loughran
Mathew J. Lucas
Joseph A. Lucia
John J. Luczkovich
Kyle B. Lupo
Conrad R. Mason
Benjamin C. Maurer
Michelle S. Mazzeo
Lena C. McDonnell
Elizabeth R. McGarrigle
Keri D. McGlothlin
Gillian T. McGovern
Matthew R. McKay
Ashley M. McKendry
Kyle R. Megathlin
Komel Merchant
Joseph E. Mitri
Shira M. Morosohk
David A. Morrison
Benjamin R. Mundt
Matthew R. Mutti
Rami K. Nasrallah
Brian K. Nelson
Jacob J. Nelson
Zachary J. Neumann
Ryan D. Newberry
Tony N. Nikolov
Kelly A. O'Neill
Matthew A. Palmieri
Joseph Palombo
Jacob S. Parker
Isabelle L. Pasternak
Henry C. Paul
Nicole L. Pellecchia
Karli A. Pensabene
Dana L. Pierce
Vincent M. Pileggi
Thomas K. Pine
Benjamin E. Pingrey
Hannah D. Plaza
Hayley P. Poll
Emily H. Porfiris
Evan J. Pretti
Qu Qin
Nicholas B. Reese
Eric T. Reid
Xueqi Ren
James A. Rice
Vincent P. Rienzi
Ivan J. Rivera
David A. Rodriguez-Oporta
Angel E. Rollo
Tyler J. Roth
Ryan R. Rothenberger
Juwan Royal
Amanda L. Ruschel
Jake Sabatini
Nicholas T. Saia
Aaron L. Sandoval
Sharon E. Sangermano
Alessandra C. Santomauro
Jadon T. Sargeant
David J. Scanlan
Peter W. Schaedler
Madison D. Schenker
Nicholas D. Schepis
Corey R. Schmalzle
Eric J. Sciorilli
Benjamin B. Seiler
Kelly B. Seims
Carolyn M. Seiter
Genevieve G. Shafer
Vincent M. Sheehan
Deanna E. Shepherd
Xinyue Shi
Drew Siedel
Joshua A. Smeltzer
Kenan C. Smith
Tucker L. Sommi
Emily A. Speakman
Stephanie L. Stieber
Amanda M. Stratton
Adam J. Svetec
Kumar Swagat
Chuyi Tang

Micah A. Tennant
Caroline A. Tkachuk
Cole M. Tomlinson
Jeanne Tong
Cody G. Triolo
Ian S. Udvarhelyi
Philip J. Vendola
Irene Villafane Sanz
Gabriela N. Vinson
Emma S. Wald
Amber L. Wallace
Liam M. Walsh
Zihao Wang
Zijia Wang
Jacob A. Warren
Rachel L. Weckselblatt
Jonathan T. Whitcraft
Peter L. White
Derek J. Wilhite
James L. Wilkinson
Robert N. Witkowski
Kelly Wu
Baiyu Xiang
George X. Yan
Stephen J. Yenouskas
Patrick J. Zager
Katherine J. Zajkowski
Andrew J. Zdanowicz
Yiyuan Zhang
Yujing Zhao

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