From college to career

In an effort to equip recently graduated non-business degree students with the core business skills needed to succeed in today’s competitive job market, Lehigh’s College of Business and Economics has designed the new M2, the Master of Science in Management program.

Beginning in August 2015, this full-time, ten-month program – the first to be launched in the region – will provide a solid business foundation to recent graduates with liberal arts or scientific backgrounds. M2 will help these students define their career goals and develop a foundational business skillset that will give them a significant edge in the search for high-level employment opportunities in a variety of fields.

“This program will give non-business students an expanded ‘tool kit’ that leverages knowledge gained from their undergraduate degree that smooths and enhances the path from college to career,” said Georgette Chapman Phillips, the Kevin and Lisa Clayton Dean of the College of Business and Economics. “In addition it will allow students to fulfill a passion for liberal arts during their undergraduate years and still be competitive candidates in an ever-changing global employment market.”

Students will earn 30 credits through lockstep courses in accounting, finance, statistics, management, economics, and marketing during the fall and spring semesters at Lehigh. In addition to engaging coursework, M2 will offer a wealth of relevant experiences including career exploration and professional development.

A comprehensive, multi-week orientation starting on August 3, 2015, will include skill-building activities to help prepare students for coursework as well as for future employment.

“Not only will students acquire the classroom knowledge of business fundamentals, they will also engage in career readiness programs such as personal branding, exploration workshops, and resume/interviewing techniques,” said Phillips. “Additionally, students will have numerous opportunities to participate in significant experiential engagements that include consulting activities, externships, and international immersion experiences. In all, graduates from this program will have experienced an intensive, well-rounded program that provides them with the necessary knowledge and skills to enter a competitive workforce and be valuable contributors to their organizations on day one.”

Lehigh’s Master of Science in Management degree will strengthen the marketability of college graduates from all non-business majors. Whether they’ve majored in English or engineering, music or mathematics, M2 can help students navigate a successful and rewarding career path.

"We are extremely excited to offer this program to the marketplace,” said Michael Santoro, professor of management and chair of the task force. “In doing our external and benchmarking analyses, we know there will be a huge demand for our program. Moreover, this program will build upon our related core competencies in undergraduate and graduate education, ensuring we deliver a top-flight program that will provide its graduates with a valuable knowledge base and beneficial skill set."

Non-business degree students with a graduation date of May 2014 or later are invited to apply. The first-round application deadline is April 15, and applications received after April 15 will be considered on a rolling basis. International applicants and those seeking financial aid must apply by April 15.

For more information on M2, click here.