Integrated Real Estate

Integrated Real Estate Minor Overview

Lehigh’s undergraduate minor in integrated real estate prepares students to become the next generation of real estate leaders by offering rock-solid business skills, unprecedented hands-on experience, and a unique “big picture” perspective not found at any other institution.

Bringing a project to fruition often takes several years and the efforts of a vast array of professionals. To capture “the big picture,” the integrated real estate program spans a full three to four years, allowing students to investigate a development project over the long term. This approach gives students an understanding of the entire process, how the different components fit together, and how to overcome obstacles.

The program creates leaders equipped with knowledge, vision, determination, and high ethical and social standards through ongoing mentoring, team-building activities, and constant interactions with role models drawn from both the professional and academic fields.

Integrated Real Estate Career Opportunities

Lehigh’s integrated real estate alumni work in all parts of the real estate field, as well as in other positions throughout the business world.

Integrated Real Estate Minor Contact

Professor S. McKay Price, center director:

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