Select U.S. Elections & Politics Experts

Ziad Munson

Ziad Munson: Abortion Politics, Social Movements

Ziad Munson is a professor in the Sociology and Anthropology Department and the author of Abortion Politics (Polity 2018) and The Making of Pro-Life Activists (Chicago 2009). His current research project focuses on the changing political landscape of suburban America.

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Dominic Packer

Dominic Packer: Coronavirus Pandemic Response

Dominic Packer, professor of psychology, is an expert in social psychology, intergroup relations and intragroup processes. His research investigates how groups shape our identities, decisions and lives. He has recently published research on using social and behavioral science to support the COVID-19 pandemic and he is available to discuss the political influence behind wearing masks and following other health guidance.

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Zach G. Zacharia

Zach G. Zacharia: Global Trade and Supply Chain

Zach G. Zacharia is an associate professor of supply chain management and director of the Center for Supply Chain Research at Lehigh. He is an expert on supply chain operations and global supply chain.

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Mary Anne Madeira Headshot

Mary Anne Madeira: Global Trade Policy, Globalization, Impacts of Trade Agreements

Mary Anne Madeira is an assistant professor of international relations. Her work focuses on the domestic politics of economic globalization, and sheds light on how different forms of globalization may have more or less equitable effects on individuals. Recent and current research projects include an exploration of the politics of the Transatlantic Trade And Investment Partnership (TTIP) and trade in Latin America.

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Chad Meyerhoefer headshot

Chad D. Meyerhoefer: Health Economics

Chad D. Meyerhoefer is a professor of economics in Lehigh's College of Business. Much of his work involves the use of microeconometric methods to evaluate and inform public policy. Professor Meyerhoefer's research focuses broadly on the economics of health and nutrition, with current projects examining the relationship between food assistant programs and health and examining the price of responsiveness of consumer demand for medical services. 

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Headshot of Eduardo Gomez

Eduardo J. Gomez: Health Policy and Outcomes

Eduardo J. Gomez is an associate professor in Lehigh’s College of Health. Professor Gomez is a public health expert whose work focuses on how politics and policy impact health outcomes in the U.S. and globally. His work has been published in several peer-reviewed journals, policy journals and magazines, and he has served as a frequent contributor to media outlets including CNN and the BBC.

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German Cadenas Headshot

Germán A. Cadenas: Immigration

Germán A. Cadenas is an assistant professor in the Counseling Psychology Program at Lehigh's College of Education. Cadenas focuses his research on the psychology of undocumented immigrants and underrepresented minorities, particularly their critical consciousness development and its links to higher education outcomes, work and career development, and psychological wellbeing.  Professor Cadenas has conducted several research studies related to DACA students and higher education. Additionally, Professor Cadenas is the faculty advisor for the Lehigh student-run club, Immigration Coalition.

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Yinan He

Yinan He: International Relations and Foreign Policy

Yinan He is an associate professor of international relations. Professor He is an expert in East Asian international relations, US and China relations, and Chinese and Japanese foreign policy.

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Mariana De Maio Headshot

Mariana De Maio: Media Influence

Mariana De Maio is an assistant professor in the Department of Journalism and Communication. Her research interests lie in agenda-setting, political communication and media influence on political attitudes and behavior.

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Brian Fife Headshot

Brian L. Fife: Politics and Public Policy

Brian L. Fife is a professor and chair of the Department of Political Science. He is an expert in American politics, elections, education policy and equality. Professor Fife has published books on reforming public education in America, political culture and voting systems in the United States and is currently working on a book on citizenship in the American Republic.

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Dan Lopresti Headshot

Dan Lopresti: Security of Voting Systems, Hacking

Dan Lopresti is a professor of computer science and engineering. He has published on election technology, describing the ease with which many types of electronic voting systems can be hacked, and is an independent expert on the Banfield v. Cortes lawsuit challenging the use of certain electronic voting machines in Pennsylvania.

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Haiyan Jia Headshot

Haiyan Jia: Social Media

Haiyan Jia is an assistant professor in the Department of Journalism and Communication and the Data X Initiative. Professor Jia’s primary research interest focuses on the psychological and social effects of communication technology, including the Internet and social media. Jia also investigates the social and collective aspects of privacy in an increasingly technology-rich world.

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Anthony DiMaggio

Anthony DiMaggio: Social Movements, Mass Media, Income Inequality

Anthony DiMaggio is an assistant professor of political science. He is an expert in political communication, big money politics, social movements and inequality. His latest research projects cover the rise of "fake news," the ascendance of reactionary politics in the U.S., and militarism in American political culture and foreign policy.

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Holona Ochs headshot

Holona Ochs: Welfare, Poverty, Tipped Labor, Democratic Policing

Holona Ochs is an associate professor in Lehigh’s Political Science Department. Her expertise is in public administration and social entrepreneurship. Her current research focuses on universal basic income, finding that basic income schemes that are not universal and unconditional are likely to reproduce race-gendered patterns of oppression, and democratic policing as she examines lethal force, patterns of bias, and perspectives on policing. Professor Ochs has written a book about welfare reform and its impact on those living in poverty called Privatizing the Polity and a book called Gratuity: A Contextual Understanding of Tipping Norms from the Perspective of Tipped Employees.

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