Elsa Reichmanis

Collaboration & Innovation

Annual Report 2019

Lehigh students learn early on in their university experience that their creative potential is unlimited. Working with faculty, staff and industry mentors, students are encouraged to dream big when searching for solutions to societal issues, or for finding a niche market for new inventions.

Elsa Reichmanis, acclaimed polymer chemist and member of the National Academy of Engineering, will join Lehigh’s P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science as the Carl R. Anderson Endowed Chair in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.

Reichmanis, whose work cuts across the fields of chemical engineering, chemistry, materials science, optics and electronics, says she was drawn to Lehigh because of the opportunity to build on already existing interdisciplinary research initiatives, and to conceptualize and develop new ones.

“One of the things that attracted me to Lehigh was the clear strengths the university has in terms of interdisciplinary research. My research during my time at Bell was very interdisciplinary and very collaborative.”

Collaboration and Innovation | Annual Report 2019


Creativate Showcases Students

At this year’s CREATIVATE showcase hosted by Lehigh’s Baker Institute, 22 groups of students and mentors introduced their entrepreneurial endeavors, explaining the motivations behind them and walking visitors through interactive prototypes.

This year’s projects included development of a test strip to detect sickle cell anemia, a virtual reality education app, an app that helps groups plan social gatherings, an app that helps first-year students be more engaged with new campus opportunities, a car accessory that allows the driver to adjust the level of the exhaust volume and a line of luxury handbags that meet the size restrictions of sports centers and other public gatherings.


College of Health to Launch Data Warehouse

As a research pillar of Lehigh University’s College of Health (COH), the Population Health Data (PHD) Warehouse will serve as an invaluable resource for COH faculty and students engaged in population health research. The Data Warehouse will include data, from cell to society, that will allow investigators to develop key insights into the determinants of health and develop innovative solutions to benefit the health of the population. The Data Warehouse will also support faculty from the university’s other four colleges, students and partners engaged in research that aligns with the mission of the college.

Through partnerships with entities in industry, government, nonprofits and academia in the worlds of health and health care, the college will build a substantial repository of data, and then curate the data to make it useful and accessible.

A group of students explaining a project to a man

Creative Inquiry

The Office of Creative Inquiry supports a wide range of interdisciplinary initiatives that help students and faculty pursue new intellectual, creative and artistic pathways that lead to transformative new innovations, expressions and questions. The Mountaintop Initiative—just one program within the Creative Inquiry Office—is an integrated learning, research and engagement program that supports real, authentic and meaningful projects on students’ winding journeys toward tangible and sustainable impact.

During the summer of 2019 at Mountaintop:
26 Projects
72 Lehigh students
28 Faculty members

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