Global Health

The minor in global health will prepare students to be global and population health leaders through research, education, and experiential learning, both domestically and internationally. Students who participate in the global health minor will have a strong interest in examining the ways health disparities and specific risk factors affect local and global populations. The minor aims to provide students with skills to evaluate global health programs and design evidence-based interventions. To function well in the field of global health, students must be able to recognize cultural differences, consider social inequalities, and work with diverse groups.  A large focus is also on the ethics of global health research and interventions. The minor program aims to help prepare students for a wide array of potential career paths in global health or population health. Our program’s educational goal is to have students demonstrate cultural awareness and apply ethical approaches that foster improvement in global health.

Minor programs are open to all students and can complement majors pursued within Lehigh’s other undergraduate colleges.

Global Health Minor Contact

Michael Gusmano, PhD, Associate Dean for Academic Programs:| (610) 758-1800
Jennifer Topp, Student Experiences:| (610) 758-1800

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